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Student Tracking

Keep your team on track for success with Student Tracking
Licensing made simple
Quickly identify where your students are and how they are performing
    Easy-to-use Dashboard
    Detailed Student Progress Reports
    Hierarchy and Student Management
    Custom CSV Exports
    Automated Email Notifications
Generate customized reports
Use real-time information to make better decisions.
    Show and hide Courses
    Track licensing exam results
    Export reports to CSV file
    Search, sort and filter
View and Share Progress Reports
Identify specific areas for improvement and remediation.
    Print Certificates of Completion
    Understand performance and progress through courses
    View chapter exam attempts including date, score and time spent
    See a timeline of course activity
Organize your team
Use the flexible hierarchy to organize for your requirements.
    Set up custom user roles
    Assign students to multiple managers
    Add, remove, and edit permissions
Automate tracking with notifications
Get daily, weekly, or monthly reports in your inbox.
    Manage your student Activity notifications
    Get updated student summary reports each week and month
    Detailed reports are available at your desired frequency
Additional Features
Progress Reports
Student Profiles
Hierachy Management
State Exam Results
Certification of Completion

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