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Student Tracking

Keep your team on track for success with Student Tracking
Licensing made simple
Quickly identify where your students are and how they are performing
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard
  • Detailed Student Progress Reports
  • Hierarchy and Student Management
  • Custom CSV Exports
  • Automated Email Notifications
Generate customized reports
Use real-time information to make better decisions.
  • Show and hide Courses
  • Track licensing exam results
  • Export reports to CSV file
  • Search, sort and filter
View and Share Progress Reports
Identify specific areas for improvement and remediation.
  • Print Certificates of Completion
  • Understand performance and progress through courses
  • View chapter exam attempts including date, score and time spent
  • See a timeline of course activity
Organize your team
Use the flexible hierarchy to organize for your requirements.
  • Set up custom user roles
  • Assign students to multiple managers
  • Add, remove, and edit permissions
Automate tracking with notifications
Get daily, weekly, or monthly reports in your inbox.
  • Manage your student Activity notifications
  • Get updated student summary reports each week and month
  • Detailed reports are available at your desired frequency
Additional Features
Progress Reports
Student Profiles
Hierachy Management
State Exam Results
Certification of Completion

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